Legal Liberation, Unleash the power of AI in your law firm

75% of Lawyers confess to spending over 20 unbillable hours a week doing legal research, Sucks right?? Not anymore, let AI do the heavy lifting and rekindle the passion that led you to the hallowed halls of justice.



From overworking to Overachieving

You want to get mundane tasks done fast. But Can you turn it into reality?

Imagine a world where the burdensome weight of repetitive tasks is lifted off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what you do best – practicing law


Every Law firm we talk to wants to power up their recurring processes with AI so that they can focus on the core business. But they don’t have the time and resources to make this a reality.

75% of repetitive tasks in a law firm can be automated using AI. Not just that - organisations that have adopted AI in their workflows have reported a 14% increase in their workers' productivity.

 However, the sad reality is that 8 out of 10 of organisations interested in AI do not have the technical know-how, time, or resources to build AI teams from ground up to rip the benefits.

This is how we execute the plan


We will get you through our 3-step process to scope the blueprint of your solution end-to-end


Next, we will start building your solutions following the blueprint specifications with minimal meetings requests from you. We are happy when we can let you focus on other important things.


We test, handover, and launch the solution so that you can start ripping the benefits ASAP.

Big gains and smart spending

Define your AI and Cloud Scope

Design what you want, we only add value to it without changing your dreams.

Faster Time-to-Use

By prioritizing speed, your AI and cloud solutions are deployed swiftly, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities fast.


Get the most out of your investment. We optimize resource usage and streamline processes to keep expenses low without sacrificing quality.

Competitive advantage

Innovate and improve at unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Client Testimonials

We were interested in a solution that could help us digitize all our office paper work including receipts and other crucial documents without compromising original state but also with the ability of quick retrieval. From research, i knew this was an AI use case, but I did not have a team to build this out and I was intimated by the possible costs associated. But the team was fantastic with the onboarding process to launch within 2 months!
Founder, Pecarl Inc

Have questions? here are the most frequent ones:

A: Not at all, you do not need any technical experience or knowledge about AI to implement your use case. You just take care of the idea and we will handle the execution for you.

A: We take averagely between 30-45 days to launch your AI solution. We are that fast.

A: We will still launch your AI solution, but we will pay you $5,000 (yes, we are that confident)

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