How we applied Analytics to optimize Ad spend and maximize ROAS in affiliate marketing

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October 23, 2023

The Call for Optimization

We helped a trailblazing credit card affiliate marketing business to go beyond existing in the digital sphere and optimize every click into a symphony of sales. Ad platforms like Google, Meta, and Bing heavily rely on data. But not just data – quality data, the kind that fueled algorithms for the benefit of the business. This business had challenges —an old architecture that struggled to deliver the caliber of data demanded by these digital titans. Data lost was difficult to patch up because Google Analytics was not only a black box but not sufficient to provide robust data that the business needed. Multiple issues compounded their woes,  ranging from traffic discrepancies, missing click metadata, elusive client IDs—culminating in an unmatched data puzzle demanding urgent attention.

“Too often we forget that genius, too, depends upon the data within its reach, that even Archimedes could not have devised Edison’s inventions.”

The Data Warehousing Marvel

Our solution emerged—a strategic pivot to harness the power of a robust data warehousing infrastructure. We orchestrated a symphony of technology, intertwining Google BigQuery with a suite of complementary tools in Google Cloud Platform —the harmonious ensemble included Cloud Functions, Pub/Sub, Scheduler, and a medley of APIs. This architecture enabled the seamless streaming of data from the website’s tracking mechanism straight into BigQuery’s receptive tables.

We adorned BigQuery with the transformative capabilities of dbt Cloud, employing its prowess to weave intricate transforms materialized as tables within BigQuery, each a refined representation of the data—enhanced, optimized, and primed for action. These refined datasets were dispatched to the ad platforms as conversion events, seeding the ground for amplified engagement and sales. Yet, our orchestration extended beyond the unidirectional analytics. We established bidirectional streams, drawing data from the ad platforms themselves—a pivotal act enabling us to conduct comprehensive aftermath reporting. 

Power BI - The Conductor's Baton

But we didn’t confine the fruits of our labor to a single audience. On the sidelines, we interlinked Power BI with our warehouse—a bridge to further illumination. Through this connection, key metrics danced to life, providing stakeholders with a holistic understanding of our journey’s progress.

The Overture of Success

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