How we revolutionised Healthcare Data Management using Cloud DevOps

Sangalo Mwenyinyo |
October 23, 2023

The Challenge Unveiled

The institution faced significant challenges with their existing on-premises system, including an outdated EMR system, expensive and complex data management tools, and difficulties in obtaining reliable insights from collected data. The lack of an end-to-end solution hindered efficient data processing, analytics, and visualisation for the analytics and M&E team.

Their Vision Takes Flight With the Help of Our DevOps Team

With AWS as their trusted steed for DevOps, GCP as the vessel for their data’s new warehouse and dbt for processing, our team embarked on this beautiful journey of cloud migration and data modernization. A multi-cloud architecture was implemented for scalability. Simultaneously, a strategic data governance plan streamlined the data lifecycle, enhancing standardization and analysis. 

Triumph and Revelations

As the digital dawn broke, the results spoke volumes. The EMR system soared with newfound agility and prowess, unfettered by the limitations of its past. An end-to-end solution had woven engineering, DevOps, data processing, and analytics into a seamless tapestry, adorned with the jewels of reliable insights.

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